See Anything, Anywhere

The NUCLeUS™ receivers enable either 1, 2 or 4 (quad-split) video sources to be displayed on a single screen through a video signal. Video images are transported over industry standard computer network cabling having one cable connected to each source and each screen, independent of the image format.

This offers cost-effective image distribution and simple installation. The receivers provide automatic wake-up and stand-by of the screen; source selection; and Picture-in-Picture positioning using NUCLeUS™|OR.


  • Receive an IP-based video stream and display it in original quality on screen
  • Future-proof and scalable: 
    • Support of multiple video standards
    • Reconfigurable and upgradeable
    • Multi-vendor display support
    • Cabling independent of video format or number of sources
  • Versatile and robust

Video specifications


  • Uncompressed data over IP


  • Up to Full HD (1920x1080) @ 60 fps