Acquisition of SD video and still images for processing and storing on a PC using NeBULA™ and for a possible transfer to the Hospital Information System for archiving.

Hassle-free recording

The NeBULA Box SD is a straightforward hardware interface combining a video acquisition unit and a series of push-buttons for the activation of the recording functions of NeBULA™.

It enables the acquisition of video and still images for processing and storing on a PC using NeBULA™ and for possible transfer to the HIS for archiving.

nebula box sd

Main functions

The 3 recording functions can be remotely controlled. The active recording function is indicated with a LED.

Medical cameras can trigger the NeBULA™ Box SD through the 3 TRS connectors.

Video sources surch as an endoscopic camera, c-arm, ultrasound, ... with standard video outputs can be captured.

While recording an additional backup can be stored on a USB stick or USB hard drive.

Video Specifications


  • S-Video or composite
    PAL 768*576
  • S-Video or composite
    NTSC 640*480

Frame rate: 25-30 fps


  • Image data is transferred to the PC over USB
  • Image data will be converted to industry standard formats