Uniklinikum Salzburg

"For our operating theaters, we were looking for the most flexible video management system that could be installed with little effort. Our operating rooms are spread over several buildings and are between 5 and 40 years old. These structures evolved over the decades and have a wide variety of devices from different manufacturers.

Therefore, NUCLeUS™ was the ideal solution for these operating rooms. We used the existing network cabling to integrate the modalities.

The installation in our surgical theaters and endoscopy only took 3 days from the installation of the components to the commissioning of the system.

Due to the positive experience with this pilot, we are now planning to expand NUCLeUS™ over the entire clinic (15-25 ORs). NUCLeUS™ is used by the surgeons since 6 weeks with minimal maintenance effort and without significant disturbances."

Ing. Alexander Wagner - Medical Technician

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