Thanks to its state-of-the-art solutions, eSATURNUS is already improving the quality of healthcare in a number of hospitals and university teaching hospitals.

Check out our latest references below or contact us to see our full reference list.

OLVZ Aalst - Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories

Digital Integrated Cathlabs: dare to dream, the future is today…

The Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories of OLVZ Aalst are now fully digitized and operational. A first teaching seminar was organized by Dr. B. De Bruyne and his staff in collaboration with Boston Scientific and eSATURNUS.

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Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

Conferencing in Full HDTV, multi-feed, real-time, medical: the gold standard redefined

For the last few years the International Mastercourse on Endoscopic Sinus Surgery at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) has been partially based on live surgery, with extended real-time questions and answers.

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Large-scale Internet-based medical conferencing and teaching: a reality today

Dr. Erik Mertens, a leading eye surgeon and renowned teacher of new surgical techniques in ophthalmology, is convinced that medical seminars can be organized differently nowadays. Being an early adopter and one of the very first NUCLeUS users in Belgium, he challenged eSATURNUS to co-organize a medical teaching event over the web, together with Staar Surgical, a manufacturer of high-end implantable lenses.

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Grand Hopital de Charleroi

Westfriesgasthuis Hoorn

Westfriesgasthuis in Hoorn is the first hospital in the Netherlands that opts for a digital operating room equipped with NUCleUS™. The multimedia theaters are fully integrated with the EHR (ChipSoft EZIS) and use the routing of images, recording of medical sources and automated archive recordings. All images can be viewed in real-time over the entire hospital via a password-protected webpage.

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UZ Leuven

UZ Leuven is a university hospital with a focus on qualitative and innovative patient care, research and academic training. UZ Leuven has 4 campuses. The 1,995 beds at the UZ Leuven make it the largest hospital in Belgium. The strength of UZ Leuven lies in the combination of research, training and multidisciplinary patient care, making it a permanent object of critical reflection and review.

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OLV Lourdes Waregem

Saint-Luc Bruxelles

UZ Gent

CHU Mons

CHU Ambroise Paré in Mons has selected NUCLeUS™ for the integration of 15 brand-new operating rooms.

The rooms will bring surgeons a more ergonomic workplace. The university hospital will also benefit from a centralized workflow with integrated recordings.


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AZ Groeninge: Kortrijk

Centre Hospitalier RĂ©gional de Huy


“With the commissioning of the new infrastructure, combined with the image management platform NUCLeUS™, CHR Huy has jumped from the 20th into the 21st century.”
Medical director, Dr. Fonze

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CWZ Nijmegen


The top clinical hospital Canisius-Wilhelmina in Nijmegen, makes use of digitized operating rooms.

Surgeons can easily switch images in the operating room from a central touch screen. Images can be recorded on the network and images can be broadcasted to any hospital connected PC. The integration with the patient record, provided by Chip Soft, has also been implemented.

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Uniklinikum Salzburg

"For our operating theaters, we were looking for the most flexible video management system that could be installed with little effort. Our operating rooms are spread over several buildings and are between 5 and 40 years old. These structures evolved over the decades and have a wide variety of devices from different manufacturers.

Therefore, NUCLeUS™ was the ideal solution for these operating rooms. We used the existing network cabling to integrate the modalities.

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