11-12-2015 | New reference : Alder Hey children's hospital

Thirteen of the new operating theatres throughout Alder Hey are equipped with two Sony LMD-2760MD surgical monitors (...) and a Sony SRG-300SE camera is mounted to each ceiling to capture an overview of the entire operating procedure. All available video sources inside the OR can be shared via hospital network to all other ORs via (...) NUCLeUS™.

Furthermore, the system is equipped to broadcast the signal to future lecture rooms or others outside Alder Hey for educational training. Sony Healthcare Solutions planned, delivered and installed the total solution for the OR against a tight schedule to ensure the hospital was fully operational upon opening. Collaboration between Alder Hey and Sony continues, with more inspiring technology collaboration planned for the future looking at the adoption of 4k and enhancing clinical workflows.

(source: Sony)

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