14-10-2016 | Medica 2016: join the first Sony and eSATURNUS experience

Beyond Definition

Smart OR workflow and innovation

Join us at Medica 2016, hall 10, stand H57

Innovation across the imaging workflow

From leading 4K and 3D technologies to the very latest in IP conversion capabilities, Sony and eSATURNUS offer a total video management platform, for inside and outside the Operating Room as well as a wide range of solutions to capture, store, share and display medical images.

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02-08-2016 | Breaking News: eSATURNUS joins Sony

Sony Europe Ltd. acquires eSATURNUS NV, one of the world’s foremost Operating Room Video over IP solution providers

Download the press release here.

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11-04-2016 | Why the OR-over-IP?

Why video-over-IP?


  • Scalability
  • Unlimited
  • Cost saving
  • Future-proof wiring
  • Power-over-Ethernet
  • Bi-directional transport medium
  • New applications



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11-12-2015 | New reference : Alder Hey children's hospital

Thirteen of the new operating theatres throughout Alder Hey are equipped with two Sony LMD-2760MD surgical monitors (...) and a Sony SRG-300SE camera is mounted to each ceiling to capture an overview of the entire operating procedure. All available video sources inside the OR can be shared via hospital network to all other ORs via (...) NUCLeUS™.

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02-07-2015 | Press release : First operating rooms over IP technology in Africa

Leuven, Thursday July 2, 2015

Since June, the CHU Douera hospital in Algeria has had top technology available in their operating rooms. The rooms have been renovated following the newest standards and techniques and are designed for minimal invasive surgery. By closely collaborating with a German endoscopic device manufacturer, these integrated operating rooms control both medical and imaging equipment.

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13-04-2015 | eSATURNUS is founding member of MedTech Flanders

MedTech Flanders is a network organization of Flemish medical device companies together with research partners, subcontractors and partner-organizations.
The Mission of MedTech Flanders is to further develop Medical Technology to an important economic activity in Flanders. 

eSATURNUS is pleased to be a founding member of MedTech Flanders.

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09-04-2015 | eSATURNUS is one of 25 top growth companies at Benelux Tech Tour

The Benelux Tech Tour showcases 75 world-class, high-tech innovative companies from the Benelux region, top international speakers & 10 entrepreneurial success stories from the region talking about their road to success.

For Investors the event brings the opportunity to see 50 emerging companies and 25 of the top selected growth companies from the region present at the event. The selection of companies will be across a range of high-tech sectors.

eSATURNUS is pleased to be selected as one of the companies to participate.

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10-03-2015 | New: central control for the OR

The management of patient and room-related data and images in today’s operating rooms is a challenge.
NUCLeUS™ is an image routing system that manages at the same time the operating room settings.

Key Benefits:

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27-11-2014 | 4K over UTP


4K is upcoming technology, both in endoscopy as in interventional cardiology. In the market of endoscopy, surgeons are still waiting for the first cameras to make their entrance into the operating room. For catheterization laboratories, 4K is already accepted by the early adaptors.

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29-10-2014 | White paper : First vendor-neutral Medical Apps bring smart imaging to the operating room

Easy distribution of images should be the basis for improved care. Our objective now is to bring your operating theatre to the next level and improve your workflow in critical moments where accuracy and precision are key.

Learn more about how medical Apps can help surgeons during procedures.

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15-09-2014 | CHR Huy goes NUCLeUS

“With the commissioning of the new infrastructure, combined with the image management platform NUCLeUS™, CHR Huy has jumped from the 20th into the 21st century.”

Medical director, Dr. Fonze


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01-10-2013 | Advantech certifies NeBULA medical imaging platform

October 2013 - Advantech, a leading medical computing platform service and solution provider, announces the cooperation with eSATURNUS. The Belgian company specializes in software platforms for operating room integration. Their HD video solutions are distributed in the European market and beyond. eSATURNUS and Advantech guarantee the reliable functioning for professional applications.

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03-12-2012 | Story: How UZ Leuven uses live surgery

This question was addressed on the 16th of November 2012 during a seminar at the University Hospital Leuven. Aesculap Academy was sponsor of the event and made good use of NUCLeUS™. The surgical images needed to be streamed to a conference room at the other end of the hospital.

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19-01-2011 | Hardware: the world's fastest medical IP transceiver

Send ultra crisp video over unlimited distance at zero delay using only your data network!

Send any input to a packetized data stream,  to the displays in the operating room, to any other operating room or to any location on the internet...

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