Want to work in a high-tech medical environment?
Creative? Innovative? Eager to learn?
Attracted to a flexible and dynamic company?

Check out the current vacancies below to see if one of them matches your requirements and capabilities.

Java & Web Developer

  • You will work as a member of a Scrum team on our digital operating room NUCLeUS. You will participate in every aspect of the product development cycle: requirements analysis, (test-)specification, design, coding, unit-testing, code-review and documentation.
  • As a member of Sony’s software expert center on integrated operating rooms, you will also get direct access to our R&D facilities in Japan and around the world.
  • You have experience with several of the following frameworks and tools:

Product Owner (M/F)

Are you eager to learn and do you have a creative personality?

Do you like the ideas behind agile development and Scrum?

Do you want to contribute to products that really make a difference in people’s lives?

Do you love working in an international environment?

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